Guidelines for collaboration:

We make videos of (usually) large ensembles performing original arrangements that are most often written by Luke, Drew and/or Evan. The songs that we choose to work on and the artists that we choose to work with are near and dear to our hearts and inspire creative and uplifting collaborations. Our music deals with themes of positive change, humanity, diversity and the sorts of things that make you feel full of life. We usually don’t choose love songs unless they deal with a more general love of our fellow humans. Once a session is complete, we will own the video, arrangement and recording rights. You will, of course own the music if it is yours. You can use the video to promote, but we will be hosting it on our channel.

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Name / Artist Name
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Disclaimer: if your application is selected for a session, we will work with you to achieve our goals, however, Apartment Sessions will have to retain the creative decision making abilities necessary to successfully produce a session with the highest degree of musical and audio/visual quality possible within our budget and space and within the creative vision of our project. This means that all arrangement and production decisions will remains ours, within reason.