About Us

Apartment Sessions is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist collective, created by Luke McGinnis and produced by Luke McGinnis and Evan Tyor, produced by Luke McGinnis, Evan Tyor, Elizabeth Maney, and Alberto Ruiz.

We produce monthly videos, performing original arrangements/orchestrations with a rotating ensemble of NYC/New England-based pro musicians, covering our favorite artists and featuring our favorite musicians.

Many arrangements include a "Kraz Section", an original composition by Drew Krasner, written specifically for each piece.

Apartment Sessions is centered around building a strong, diverse community through music and collaboration.

Production Team

Luke McGinnis
Music Director / Arranger / Orchestrator

Drew Krasner
Arranger / Orchestrator

Evan Tyor

Liz Maney

Alberto Ruiz
Lights / Tech

Josh Plotner